Synapse AI – Decentralized Data and AI Marketplace

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Synapse AI – Decentralized Data and AI Marketplace

On September 22, 2017 a new project made its announcement on the forums: “Synapse AI“.

In the following article we’re going to summarize the project as well as give you our opinion on whether or not to invest in it.

What is Synapse AI?

  • A decentralized data and machine learning marketplace and exchange.
  • Allows anyone to contribute data, train machine learning models, and be compensated for both.
  • Will be the data and intelligence protocols for the next distributed stack layer.

How does Synapse AI work?

The Synapse AI market works like this:

  1. Agents look to fulfill smart contract and ad-hoc data queries.
  2. Data pools are created and expanded.
  3. Machine learning models are created and trained using these data pools.
  4. These models are in turn offered back to agents through micro transactions.

Synapse AI Roadmap

Inital Coin Offering Schedule

  • September 1, 2017: Site went live
  • September 8, 2017: Pre-Sale
  • October 21, 2017 (07:00 UTC): ICO starts
  • November 21, 2017 (06:59): ICO Ends

Product Development Schedule

  • Spring 2018: Phase I
  • Summer 2018: Phase II
  • Fall 2018: Phase III
  • Winter 2018: IV


At the time of writing this article the team consists of 3 members:

  • Dan Gailey (CEO [RadBots, Baqqer, Make:, e.Ventures])
  • Nathan Ross (COO [RadBots,, Viewics Healthcare, FCB Advertising])
  • Jamie Cushenan (Blockchain Developer [Baqqer, BoS Game Studio])

They also have four advisors:

  • Hugh Dubberly (Stanford, Apple, Netscape)
  • Howard Rheingold (Author, Stanford, Institute for the Future)
  • Jackson Palmer (Dogecoin, Adobe)
  • Jade Van Doren (AllTrails, hopOn, TechForward)

Initial Coin Offering

  • ICO will feature the sale of an ERC-20 Token built from an ethereum smart contract.
  • Token distribution:
    • 33% Token Sale
    • 33% Developer Fund
    • 33% Company
    • 01% Token Sale Costs
  • Token disbursement will happen 60 days after the public auction.


Important Links

Important Infos

  • Token: SYN
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Platform: Ethereum



Data and machine learning is a relatively new concept in the field of computer science. Synapse AI wants to combine this with a marketplace and use the blockchain and its associated technologies as the foundation for their project. This makes this project extremely innovative and promising.


Altough – at the moment – the team only consists of four members, they seem to have good qualifications. They also have a ery promising board of advisors (with Hugh Dubberly for example). Together they could make this project really big.

Potential of Use

Synapse AI chose a very niche field for their project. The majority of the population doesn’t need a decentralized marketplace and exchange for data and machine learning. But we’re very sure that those who will use it will make use of the functionalities of the Synapse AI project to the fullest.

Innovation: (5.0 / 5)
Team: (4.5 / 5)
Potential of Use: (4.0 / 5)

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