LanceChain – The First 0% Commission Freelance Platform

LanceChain – The First 0% Commission Freelance Platform

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Recently I stumbled upon a new project on the forums: “LanceChain“. In the following article I’m going to explain what LanceChain is and in the end I’m giving you my thoughts about this project.

What is LanceChain?

LanceChain is the decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem. We revolutionize the current way freelancing works by removing the middlemen between the freelancer and the customer. With 0% commissionadditional security on every project and careful talent management, we are a one stop shop for everyone who needs or offers freelance based work.
Our mission is to bring the freelancer closer to the customer and vice versa, while removing all unnecessary obstacles and ensuring proper talent allocation. We believe in the ingenuity, professionalism and talent of the freelancing world and want to bring those qualities to the next level!

How does it work?

The freelancer who looks for a job has an easy to use interface which he can use to find the right job opportunities.

Business owners can list job postings on their platform ( The platform provides a customer-friendly interface to manage data on the Blockchain.

When the freelancer has completed his job the business owner pays him with 0% fee.

Other similar platforms are acting as a middleman between the freelancer and the business owner. LanceChain removes this middleman and thus ensures that these outrageous fees don’t even emerge.

Security & Quality

LanceChain uses the Ethereum smart contract escrow system and an unique dispute settlement process to achieve additional security on every deal.

The innovative talent vetting program makes it possible for the business owners to hire top professionals quickly and wisely.

LanceChain also provides direct communication between the business owners and the freelancers as well as uncensored, dependable and immutable ratings and reviews.

Unique Features of LanceChain

  • 0% commission on each deal, no matter if it’s hourly rate or fixed fee model.
  • No censorship due to the nature of the Blockchain.
  • Guaranteed payments.
  • Clear terms and conditions.
  • Opportunities to earn more by participating in various processes within the platform.
  • One of a kind dispute settlement approach, providing additional security.
  • Unbiased, free choice.


  • June, 2017: Idea Genisis and Team Formation
  • October, 2017: Development started
  • February, 2018: Bounty & Affiliate Announcement
  • February, 2018: LANC Token Pre-sale Announcement
  • March, 2018: LANC Token Main Sale Round 1
  • April, 2018: LANC Token Main Sale Round 2
  • June, 2018: Exchanges Integration
  • Q4, 2018: LanceChain Platform Launch
  • Q1, 2019: Mobile Apps Launch

UI Pictures

Token Info

Name LanceChain
Symbol LANC
Platform Ethereum
Interface ERC-20 Token Standard
Max Total Supply 96 800 000

The tokens are distributed as following:

  • Fundraiser: 50%
  • Long-term operating budget: 20%
  • Partnerships, community grants and public bounties: 20%
  • Founders, team members, early contributors: 10%

ICO Info

Important: If you are among the first ones to buy their Tokens, you will be able to buy them at an exceptional price. You need to whitelist your email to enroll (you can whitelist your email on their website).

Fundraiser Model

    • Bonus: 42%
    • LANC:ETH: 2000:1
    • Soft Cap: 1000 ETH
    • Hard Cap: 3000 ETH
    • Duration: 1 Day
    • Bonus: 36%
    • LANC:ETH: 1900:1
    • Soft Cap: 1000 ETH
    • Hard Cap: 3000 ETH
    • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • ROUND 1:
    • Bonus: 18%
    • LANC:ETH: 1650:1
    • Soft Cap: 10 000 ETH
    • Hard Cap: 14 000 ETH
    • Duration: 4 Week
  • ROUND 2: 
    • Bonus: 0%
    • LANC:ETH: 1400:1
    • Soft Cap: 10 000 ETH
    • Hard Cap: 14 000 ETH
    • Duration: 4 Weeks


Their team consists of the following members:

  • Georgi Dzhupanov (Founder / CEO)
  • Georgi Bachev (Chief Business Advisor)
  • Konstantin Konstantinov (Chief Technical Advisor)
  • Petar Staykov (Advisor)
  • Theo Shikov (Advisor)
  • Bozhko Poryazov (Legal Advisor)
  • Alexandra Laleva (Marketing Operations Manager)
  • Martin Velikov (Finanical Officer & Controller)
  • Toni Busarov (Sales & BizDev Manager)
  • Valentina Nancheva (Head of Creative)
  • Slav Kolchev (Customer Success Manager)
  • Elena Bliznakova (Software Engineer)

Social Media


Important Links

Website (Russian)
Website (Chinese)
Smart Contract
Bounty Campaign

My thoughts about this project

LanceChain seems like a very promising project to me. In the following paragraphs I’m going to explain why I think that it is worth investing in it.

LanceChain charges no commission fee, which makes them extremely competitive to other similar platforms. It is very likely that freelancers leave their old platforms and join LanceChain.

Their team seems very versatile. According to their LinkedIns and their descriptions about themselves on their website they all have a lot of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. With this team it is very likely that this project will be a success. I’m going to quote a few descriptions of their team from their website:

Freelance history and background
Our team has a rich history of over 10 years in utilizing freelance platforms – both on the business owner and freelancer sides. We’ve been coping with sites charging astonishing fees and witnessed numerous companies and individuals going out of the platform to save money. We believe working remotely should be commission-less and stimulated as much as possible. Finally we have the right tool to do it – blockchain.

Software background
LanceChain core team is composed of large software expertise – software development, project management, technical architecture, sales and tech marketing specialists. We’ve been in the sector for more than a decade and we know how to run a software project from the ground up. In a world where only 15% of the software projects are a success, we believe this to be a differentiating factor.

We are part of the blockchain community since Bitcoin was in its inception. We are actively participating in the developer groups of blockchain platforms & are constantly following the development of Ethereum, Eos, Iota, Aethernity, etc. This will allow us to be future-agnostic to the upcoming changes or improvements.

LanceChain has benefits for freelancers as well as for business owners.


Freelancers can easily find projects which are directly posted by business owners and get paid instantly with 0% fee.

If a freelancer has already did quite some work on their job but a dispute arises, an unbiased committee of experts will review the freelancers work to make sure that the freelancer gets paid for it.

As a freelancer you can build reputation with your work as all is transparent and impossible to manipulate on the Blockchain network.

The registration on LanceChain is very easy – you can create a profile in just a few minutes. If you already have an account on an alternative platform you can transfer it directly to LanceChain.

Business owners:

As a business owner you can easily find the right freelancer for your project, get it done and pay the freelancer directly with 0% commission.

LanceChain provides advanced tools for project monitoring, time-tracking, task & requirements management, quality assurance and more. These tools will business owners full visibillity & control over their project and the performance of the freelancers.

If you as a business owner want to make sure that your project is developed by the best talents on the market you can greatly benefit from LanceChains pool of pre-selected and pre-vetted top freelancers.

You can even get a project manager from LanceChain who does the heavy lifting and chooses the best freelancers for your project to hire.

Lastly, I really like the unique features of this project I already have described above: 0% commission, Guaranteed payments, Dispute settlement, No censorship and Additional earnings.

All in all, I can only say that this project looks very impressive and I’m sure that it is going to be very successful.

If you’re now interested in investing in this project then just visit their website and join the whitelist.

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