Vivid – Crypto meets augmented reality

Recently I stumbled upon a new project on the forums: “Vivid“. In the following article we’re going to summarize the project.

Vivid in a nutshell

  • “Log, and manage your crypto assests, with best in class charts, drawing tools, indicators, and more.”
  • They say about themselves, that they are “disrupting the way people interact, understand, and communicate their crypto portfolio”.
  • “With VIVID tokens, users can unlock more powerful indicators and will one day be able to upload their own for others to download – Vivid’s ecosystem of content creators publishing their market analysis, commentary, and technical understanding of a particular coin or subject earn them VIVID tokens through voting from the community.”

Selling Points of Vivid

  • Ease of Use – “Building a platform that benefits both die hard day traders, and new holders alike.”
  • Uptime & Reliability – “Global redundant system architecture means that Vivid and its services maintain a high degree of consistency.”
  • Decentralized Content – “Through the community driven content publishing Vivid delivers, users create and decide what rises to the top.”
  • Device Agnostic – “No matter your hardware, smartphone, laptop, or soon headworn device, Vivid makes itself available.”
  • Collaboration – “Bringing you and those passionate about various aspects of the cryptosphere together, in real time.”

Meet their product in this short introduction video:

Future Roadmap

  • March 2018: Public Sale Launched

A token sale is being held to accelerate productization and commercialization of the Vivid mobile apps and platform ecosystem. The raise allows us to bring to market a unique set of features and experience designed for crypto consumers.

  • H2 2018 (1/3): Private Mobile Beta

Our mobile app will enter private beta release in the coming months. Applications will soon be accepted for qualified beta testers with priority going to contributors.

  • H2 2018 (2/3): AR Advertising Platform Beta

As we understand our audience’s interests and behaviors, we give brands the opportunity to launch experiential marketing campaigns and unobtrusive sponsorship placements to engage with consumers which matter most to them.

  • H2 2018 (3/3): Desktop Application Beta

To expand accessibility and usability, we serve additional form factors by offering a desktop application. This becomes especially important to developers and power users as we introduce more advanced tools to satisfy their requirements.

  • H1 2019 (1/2): Publishing Platform Beta

Vivid is fostering a community of content creators to share with, learn from and teach one another. Users will have the chance to influence and earn rewards through user generated content that is rated by peer review.

  • H1 2019 (2/2): API Services

Next year, Vivid will give developers access to its platform through integration points so businesses may begin developing meaningful 3rd-party applications which extend the Vivid brand and reach.

  • H1 2019 & Beyond: 3rd Party Applications

Partners on Vivid’s platform will enhance the power of its product through revenue-generating engagement and analytics applications designed for business productivity and consumer convenience.

Vivid compared to oldschool Portfolio Apps

In their whitepaper, they often compare themselves to the big apps in the stores. Vivid looks very promising:



The team currently consists of Ian Nott (CEO and Founder), Harrison D. Lee (COO and Co-Founder), Sascha Neumann (CPO), BJ Wahl (Director of System Architecture), Benton Medlock (Director of Technical Analysis), Haoshu Peng (IP and International Advisor), Amanda Ying Guo (Chinese Market Cloud Computing Advisor) and Justin Mathews (Digital Creative Advisor).

According to their LinkedIn accounts they all seem to have extensive experience in their respective fields. They all seem well-equipped to make this project very successful.

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