BaapPay – The Revolution of the Payment Platform?

On February 17, 2018 a new project made its announcement on the forums: “BaapPay“.

In the following article we’re going to summarize the project.

What is BaapPay?

BaapPay is a multi layered platform wich features a payment gateway, a point of sale software and their „Baapworld App Store“. Their payment gateway is a interface that allows merchants to collect FIAT or Cryptocurrency payment for their goods and services. Its offering the ability to convert from cryptocurrency to fiat or reversed. It also accepts traditional debit or credit card payments and provides access to two crypto wallets, one integrated with their payment gateway and the second where only you have access to the private keys. But they dont just offer payment gateway services, merchants can use their free point of sale system that comes with their platform. It has features like accounting for sales, inventory, employee tracking and loyalty tools.

What is the Baapworld App Store?

Baapworld is an App Store that runs on the Android Environment. Devs would be able to download their simple SDK to create Apps utilizing their devices functionalities.


The Smart Terminal

  • Android based
  • 5.5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Thermal Printer
  • WIFI-4G
  • 6000mAh lithium battery

Mobile Device

  • Allows your desktop or mobile phone to accept cryptocurrency and FIAT.
  • In addition to accepting cryptocurrency, this device has the ability to accept Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


Both devices accept NFC, Chip and Swipe payments.

What about the transaction speeds?

Their state channels allow customer transactions to be funded through a liquidity pool that removes the need for each payment to be individually written to the blockchain and makes point of sale purchases instant.

Future Roadmap

  • Q1 2018

White papers 1.0, Pre-sale, Token Sale

  • Q2 2018

Web App POS release 1.1

  • Q3 2018

Smart Terminal SPOS & Mobile device MPOS release, Web app POS Google Play App & IOS App

  • Q4 2018

Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Q1 2019

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway ​(ALPHA)

  • Q2 2019

Fiat Payment Gateway (ALPHA)

  • Q3 2019

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway (BETA)

  • Q4 2019

Android BaapWorld App Store

  • Q1 2020

Cryptocurrency & Fiat Payment Gateway (RELEASE 1.0)

  • Q2 2020

Android BaapWorld App Store


The BaapPay team currently consists of Sukhpreet Singh (Founder and CEO), Praveen Korukonda (CIO), Jeremy DeBattista (CTO), Ivan Menalo (Cloud Architect), Duane Wright (CMO), Harinder Singh (Marketing Manager), Venugopal Pokala (Program / Project Manager), Bohdan Bershadskyi (UX UI Designer), Harsimranjeet Singh (Blockchain Developer), David Senos (Public Relations Director) and Lakhsmi Swathi (Software Engineer).

Every and each of them has extensive and deep knowledge as well as experience in their respective fields. Ive linked their LinkedIn accoounts, so check it out yourself!


All in all, we can say that with such an experienced team, an idea that has a huge potential of use, it is very possible that this project could be very successful in the near future.

If you’re now interested to invest in this project, just visit their website:

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