EQUI – Bridging Crypto with traditional Venture Capital

EQUI – Bridging Crypto with traditional Venture Capital

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Today I have discovered a very interesting project on the Bitcointalk.org forums: “EQUI“. In the following article I am going to summarize what EQUI and in the end I am going to give you my opinion about this project.

EQUIs slogan is “Transforming Venture Capital. They also describe themselves as “An innovative token that will transform the venture capital market through the exciting unification of cryptocurrency with an innovative investment platform.


What is EQUI?

EQUI is a “A Game Changer in the Venture Capital Space“:

  • EQUI unifies the venture capital market with Blockchain technology.
  • Together it will bring an exciting propriety platform, which will transform investment opportunities.
  • It will allow individuals to invest alongside established entrepreneurs and share the rewards and successes.

The Proposition

  • EQUI will be a sustainable investment platform.
  • It uses the Ethereum Blockchain technology so all qualifying participants benefit from returns generated.
  • EQUI‘s unique reward structure is weighted towards providing enhanced returns to those who share our vision and objectives in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurial success.

EQUI tokens

EQUItokens can be bought for various reasons:

  • Investors
    • Those who buy to invest in opportunites.
  • Hodlers
    • Those who buy and then hold their tokens uninvested on the EQUI platform.
  • Traders
    • Those who remove their tokens from the EQUI platform and sell them on third party exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions about EQUI

  • What is EQUI?
    • EQUI is the fusion of a new cryptocurrency with a revolutionary investment platform built on Blockchain technology
  • What are EQUI-Tokens?
    • EQUItokens are our new ERC20 tokens that will allow access to the EQUI platform and the ability to invest in EQUI projects.
  • Is the EQUItoken separate from the equi platform?
    • The EQUItoken is a blockchain facilitator to which allows token holders to move their tokens on to the future EQUI investment platform.
  • Is EQUI considered a security?
    • We have approached this question from a UK regulatory perspective, which is the jurisdiction the future EQUI platform will be subject to. Our opinion, shared by legal counsel, is the token itself does not constitute a security under UK financial services regulations. The token’s utility is in providing access to the future EQUI platform and does not directly or indirectly provide any return. It is merely a Blockchain facilitator to gain subsequent access to the EQUI platform. Please note that each jurisdiction will have its own view on this definition, and the SEC in the US, for example, has taken much a much stricter view (through the Howey Test) on the issuing on cryptocurrencies. For that reason EQUI Capital wIll not sell tokens to persons resident or domiciled in the USA or Other jurisdictions in which EQUI Capital sees a risk that the EQUItoken would be a security.
  • How do I use EQUItokens?
    • EQUItokens give you the opportunity to invest into projectsshowcased on the EQUI platform, and receive a proportion of andy profit. You may also simply hold the token for long term value or use it to trade.
  • How do I buy EQUItokens?
    • EQUItokens will be available from our website during our presale and ICO. Once the ICO has completed then EQUItokens will be available to purchase on selected exchanges.
  • Are there any transaction fees for buying EQUItokens or investing in EQUI projects?
    • There are no fees payable to buy EQUItokens on the EQUI platform or for investing in EQUI projects.


  • The public ICO will run from 8 March to 31 March, 2018.
  • You’ll need at least $100 to invest in the public ICO.
  • Accepted payment methods for public sale are BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP.

Token Infos

Asset name Price in USD Total Token Supply Payable in
EQUI $0.50 250 million EQUItokens BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP

Token Stages

Pre-Sale 1 March 2018 8 March 2018 25%
Public ICO 8 March 2018 15 March 2018 15%
Public ICO 15 March 2018 22 March 2018 5%
Public ICO 22 March 2018 31 March 2018 0%

Token Distribution

  • Unsold tokens are distributed to the ICO participants on a pro rata basis.
  • The other 50% will be distributed back to EQUI and will be used to support future investment projects.


Use of Proceeds

The use of the proceeds from the ICO can be seen in the following pie diagram:



September 2017 October 2017 November, 2017
  • Whitepaper preparation
  • ICO preparation
  • Team Formation
  • Terms & conditions
  • Whitepaper preparation
  • ICO preparation
  • Team Formation
  • Terms & conditions
  • Platform development started
  • Back office system
  • User registration set up
  • EQUItoken code completed
  • EQUI credit scheme
  • EQUI walet creation
December 2017 January – February March – April 2018
  • Platform development
  • Back office system
  • Frontend platform functionality
  • ICO website beta testing started
  • ICO smart contract
  • Security audit
  • Security audit (2)
  • ICO announcement
  • Promotional activities
  • Pre ICO (1 – 8 Mar)
  • ICO starts (8 Mar)
  • ICO closes (31 Mar)
  • EQUItoken distribution (5 Apr)
  • Deposit/withdrawal of funds


EQUI has already been mentioned in various media articles:

Future plans

  • FUTURE PLANS (Q2 2018 [PHASE 1])
    • Platform beta – launched for testing
    • Platform launch
    • Investment projects added to platform
  • FUTURE PLANS (Q2 2018 [Q3 2018])
    • Native platform application for android and iOS
    • Potential integration wiith crypto exchanges
    • Secondary market project exchange


At the time of writing this article the team consists of 11 core members. The team seems to have extensive background in their respective fields, you can read more about their background here: https://www.equi.capital/team

Investment Team

  • Tim Eve (Investment Director)
  • Mark Lyons (Investment Director)
  • Luke Webster (Investment Director)
  • Andrew Barrowman (Investment Manager)

Project Team

  • Andrei Karpushonak (Head of Development)
  • Nerys Roberts (Marketing Director)
  • Nicholas Graham (Head of Customer Service)
  • Sim Singh-Landa (Project Manager)
  • Anthony Page (Trustee)

Interview with Mone of Mayfair OBE (Co-Founder of EQUI)

Various other interviews can be found on their website: https://www.equi.capital


EQUI has already been mentioned in various media outlets. I’m going to list five here:

  2. Reuters
  3. BlockchainNews
  4. Forbes
  5. The Sun

You can find links to other articles here: https://www.equi.capital/press


The whitepaper has already been translated to quite a few languages. I’m sure that in the not so distant future these Whitepapers will also be translated in other languages to reach a bigger market.

Important Links

Website http://bit.ly/2EG1A7i
Blog http://bit.ly/2IGeznO
Bounty http://bit.ly/2pdIew1

Social Media

Facebook http://bit.ly/2ud0SK8
Twitter http://bit.ly/2pulbgk
YouTube http://bit.ly/2pu2MR2
Telegram http://bit.ly/2FVZUmL
Reddit http://bit.ly/2DHgDIx
Telegram http://bit.ly/2FVZUmL
LinkedIn http://bit.ly/2HRdQPE

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