DecentraLend – Decentralize Peer To Peer Lending Platform

DecentraLend – Decentralize Peer To Peer Lending Platform

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What is DecentraLend?

DecentraLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending platform out to aid crypto enthusiasts to lend coins for trading. It is not monitored by any company or financial instiution. It is designed with Blockchain technology and cryptography security to allow peer to lend coins to peers. You can earn certain percentage on coins you lend to peers as agreed by both parties. DecentraLend charges no fees, it’s completely free.


DecentraLend Ecosystem


Offer you the most convenient method payment when it comes to making payments regarding business expenses including wages, payment for suppliers, for goods and services… all over the word, within second, with an extremely low fee, and free you from complicated banking procedures.

Online Business and retails stores

You can boost your sale and speed up your business growth thanks to Decentralend and our related apps on smart phone. You and your customers cannot ask for more. From this moment, the most advanced yet simple method is in your hand.

NO more cash

There is no more limit to carry foreign exchange to anywhere you go with Decentralend . No more worry about the exchange rate fees that you may be charged a lot, and many other expenses related to money exchange and transfer. Therefore, save your time, money, and of course, the less cash, the safer

Other daily Money Transaction

With Decentralend, just after seconds, you can access your money transferred from anyone anywhere on this planet. Faster, more simple, safer but cheaper.

DecentraLend’s lending platform

The lending platform works as shown in the following enumeration:

  1. The borrower can’t borrow more than 30% of his own token balance.
  2. The borrowers account will be frozen once it has successfully borrowed (BTC or DLD).
  3. The borrower can pick any of the loan that he/she is satisfied with (with the interest rate).
  4. After the duration has been agreed, the lender’s capital and interest will be credited back while the borrower’s account will be unfrozen.


What makes DecentraLend different from their competitors?

  • DecentraLend uses a peer to peer lending system that can enable the operation of this system for a very long period time.
  • With DecentraLend’s lending system you don’t need to lend out your coins to the adin for 99 – 299 days.
  • With DecentraLend’s lending system users can lend out both DLD and BTC with their specific interest rate to the borrower.
  • With DecentraLend’s lending system there is no fear of crash or attack from external forces since their lending interest is not from the admin but from the borrowers.


What are the advantages of decentralization?

  1. Fast
    1. Transaction confirmation occurs within seconds.
  2. Low Fees
    1. Fees are at an extremely low cost.
  3. Private
    1. Privacy guaranteed
  4. Secure
    1. Allows the ability to protect your account from all hacks.
  5. Reliable
    1. The system runs smoothly.
  6. Simple
    1. The usage of DecentraLend is very simple and beginner friendly.



The team consists of the following members:

  • KHALID (Co-Founder)
  • KHAN (Co-Founder)
  • FRANK (Social Media Manager)
  • YURI (Business Development Manager)
  • SULAIMAN (Frontend Developer)
  • LOHDI (Marketing Manager)

You can click on their names to see their LinkedIn profiles.

Features of their App

  • News
  • Deposit
  • Transaction
  • Transfer
  • Wallet
  • Lending


The App will soon be available for Android as well as iOS.


  • Pre-ICO starts on the 2rd of April, 2018
  • The Pre-ICO has a maximum purchase of 200 DLD per user.
  • Pre-ICO ends on the 4th of April, 2018.
  • The Pre-ICO fund will be used for massive advertisement campaign for the decentralend upcoming ICO.



  • The ICO will start on the 9th of April, 2018 and will end on the 20th April, 2018.
  • Every four days a total of 500,000 DLD will be available for sale.
  • The ICO price will start with $1 and after each round the price will increase with $0.5.
  • The purchase of the coin per user is limited to 200 DLD per day.

How will these coins be distributed?


Earning with DecentraLend

There are two ways to earn money with DecentraLend:

  1. Trading
    1. Profit from the price fluctuations of the crypto market by trading DLD coins through the DLD exchange platform.
  2. Lending
    1. The lender determines the percentage he/she want per day which will be multiply by lending duration. This percentage and the capital will be paid into the lender’s account when the duration is over.




Token Specifications

Token Name Decentralized Token
Token Symbol DLD
Max. Supply 3,000,000
Pre-ICO Supply 500,000
ICO Supply 2,000,000
Airdrop Tokens 250,000
Referral Bonus 250,000


Social Media

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