bcharity – The Charity of the Future?

Today we are talking about Bcharity.

BCharity is an exclusive and innovative charity exchange, designed to increase the efficiency and accessibility of charity worldwide; aiming to create the most significant, decentralized international charity exchange in the hopes of uniting those who wish to help, and those who want to benefit- globally.

The idea of creating BCharity was born in 2017, and it wasn’t long until the wheels were set in motion. Following the initial research period at the end of 2017 and the launch of the PR campaign due late March/early April 2018, the BCharity team plan to place the token on stock exchanges along with the main sale and MVP presentation taking place in June 2018. Later in 2018, the aim is to expand the companies staff and complete the full-fledged version of the product with a security audit. By the fourth quarter of 2018, we can expect to see a presentation of the full version of the product along with marketing and PR campaigns. Geographical expansion of the market is planned for early 2019 to provide access to a variety of organizations that will use the charity. CEO and founder, Vladislav Kolodistyy, is passionate about modernizing charity and brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge. Working alongside his Co-Founders, Matthew Guignard, Robby Schwertner, Roman Prishchip and Dmitry Maslo, the team share the same pioneering vision for BCharity and provide vast knowledge across a variety of areas.

Bcharity’s platform shall initially be designed with a simple and intuitive interface that will allow individual users or organizations to register. With the latter subject to verification after registering (to confirm legitimacy), individuals require no verification. Once the registration process is complete, users can launch a charity campaign. All organizations will accept donations through their unique Ethereum wallet address in the form of BCharity coins, while individual users will be given a choice to either use this or make a charitable donation. Once the rating system is introduced, it will provide the option to rank both parties. Philanthropists ratings will be formed based on the number of donations made, and the total amount, while organizations will be rated on the number of people in need, the total amount of donations collected and their successful charitable actions. Financial information about the collection of donations by organizations will be kept visible on their profile to make their activities transparent, and the movement of funds will be stored in blockchain to ensure the impossibility of hiding, changing or removing the committed transactions.

The BCharity team have worked together to create an easy-to-use, technologically sophisticated platform, which will facilitate philanthropic donations via digital currencies and encourage charitable activities around the world. Not only will BCharity showcase a real-world application of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but it also aims to connect universally with those in need. The mission of BCharity is to support people and unite everyone that participates with this eco charity system, with the implementation of new technologies breaking down barriers and regulations that can undermine the effectiveness of charitable foundations and organizations.

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