FreeZone ICO – The World’s First Free Crypto Economic Zone

Self-proclaimed ‘Crypto heaven for blockchain users,’ FreeZone is the world’s first free Crypto economic zone, and a financial infrastructure compromising five businesses, with a libertarian blockchain community.

The foundation has five central enterprises: A payment system, an investment bank, a bank, a universal trading platform and a marketing agency. It invites users to register and become a part of the growing society, offering the opportunity for blockchain businesses to operate legally, with full protection from persecution from external governments and regulations. Free from tax on cryptocurrency and income tax, FreeZone aims to dramatically simplify the running of operations involving cryptocurrencies for companies and individuals, while also offering services to foreign entities.

FreeZone dedicates some of their profit to developing programs within the community, planning to offer services free of charge across a broad range of areas. These include help with obtaining citizenship, education, asset protection via blockchain technology, legal assistance, human rights protection, and so Freezone Logomuch more. The large team at FreeZone want to keep on developing opportunities within the community, aiming to build the bond between corporation and society so everyone can work in sync with each other.

FreeZone plans to develop a legal framework soon, aiming to smoothly regulate crypto and ICO markets to make them fully compliant. The team has already conducted a detailed study of 182 Governments, using the data to select 29 countries for opening negotiations. Once the talks were completed, they narrowed it down to the 12 States engaged and are currently in discussions with them to implement the system.

The plan is to use FreeZone tokens to attract $100 million to finance the project. This will be done by the creation and sale of the before mentioned Freezone Tokens, creating them based on Ethereum standard ERC-20. The final number of tokens to be issued across different stages is 1 billion, tokens will only be issued once, and as soon as the final amount is reached, no further tokens will be issued.

In conclusion, most blockchain projects aim to create a product, whereas FreeZone is creating an entire ecosystem where other blockchain products can prosper. With over 30 elite members of their team, FreeZone offers knowledge and experience by working with the most knowledgeable people, across a wide range of fields. The team reassures users that they have “successful experience in building businesses and infrastructure, and we will apply it to the creation of a specialized free economic zone with five infrastructural enterprises – a universal trading platform, payment system, bank, investment bank, and marketing agency – resulting in a Libertarian blockchain community.“

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain market is growing at a pace we can barely keep up with. However, there is scarcely any infrastructure available that would yield favorable legal, economic, logistic, financial and marketing conditions for running a successful business in this market. FreeZone estimate an investment return of 150% in 2019-2020 and expect the FreeZone token’s value to grow 80-fold by 2022, working to secure significant returns on investments through creating the existence of a market sector with enormous demand for infrastructure.

FreeZone Token Details

Symbol FRZ
Type ERC-20
Target investments: 100 000 000 USD
Amount of tokens issued: 1 000 000 000
Amount of tokens to be sold: 500 000 000 (50%)
Token Sale Price: 0.2$ (based on the target investments)
Minimum contribution amount: 0.1 BTC, 0.5ETH, 0.3BCH, 3LTC, €500, $600, ₤500, ₣600, 65000¥ Accepted Forms of Payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, FIAT


IcoBench 4.2
TrackIco 4.6
IcoHolder 4.0
IcoLink 4.9


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