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Ufoodo – on demand food delivery


Internet has given rise to several innovations! Most of these innovations are things that seemed impossible decades ago. One of the most important innovations of Internet is the cryptocurrency. A digital currency, cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way people use and maintain currency. Over past years, cryptocurrency market has undergone a significant change with emerging new currencies. One of these currencies that has taken digitalization and automation to the full swing is Ufoodo. It is a cryptocurrency with actual use in the real market and economy. It has become one of the most popular on-demand food delivery services present in the market today.

What is Ufoodo?

Started in 2013, Ufoodo is an on-demand food delivery service. It was developed with the mission to bring cryptocurrencies to the daily lives of millions of people. This service has used blockchain technology to decentralize food delivery service system politically and architecturally.

It consists of a smart system based on contracts and leaves out any middlemen in the process. It connects order placed by customers to a delivery pool along with their favorite restaurants. So, in short, the Ufoodo system connects restaurants, customers and courier pool directly. It also facilitates direct interaction between these different parties. The system works on a new payment method – the Ufoodo Token (UFT).

How Ufoodo Works?

The Ufoodo service possesses all elements of an on-demand delivery service but it is political and architectural usefully decentralized.  The elements of Ufoodo that revolve around a Ufoodo Token can be divided as –

  • Operative:

There is a process design that is connected to the uPay Protocol. This off-chain protocol ensures that the processes remain decentralized. The focus remains on clients, restaurants and couriers as these are the participants in the process. The connection established is direct peer-to-peer and it ensures proper delivery handout and safe payment.

  • Expansion:

Under expansion, it is possible for users to develop their own delivery areas. It will involve participation of couriers and recruiting restaurants. When done in the proper way, it can establish a decentralized system on a global level.

  • Governance:

A restaurant owners, courier or user can participate in the local board or the global board. They need to be involved with the financing and pricing decisions.

  • Development:

The project supports open source development. So it is possible for users to push new developments and enhancements.

All the above four areas develop an ecosystem around the Ufoodo token. It gives the participants a chance to balance company interests and personal interests.

The business scenario for food delivery restaurants is changing rapidly.  Even with high commissions and low wages, businesses are unable to make any profit. There is a boom in delivery services making the competition high.

Growing commercialization is affecting benefits of customers. All these factors have led to the formation of a vicious circle. Ufoodo is an attempt to break this vicious circle using decentralization. It is a value-based system and works in common interests of all the participants.

This is a digital decentralize franchise with social principles and efficient structure. Ufoodo is steadily convincing clients that it is the currency of the future.


  • April 2018 (Pre-Sale): Ufoodo tokens are distributed among early purchasers. Early support and trust rewarded with bonuses from 35% to 25%.
  • May 2018 (Token Sale): Launch of the public token sale.
  • Q2 2018 (Team Expansion): Expansion of ufoodo’s core team and preparation for a fast growth to seed up development.
  • Q2 2018 (Global Community Board): Launch of the community board to ensure that the development is proceeding according to the expectations of our followers and supporters.
  • Q3 2018 (Beta App): Launch beta version of ufoodo’s delivery app.
  • Q4 2018 (Blockchain test): Private Blockchain test.
  • Q1 2019 (Go Live Pilot City): Launch of ufoodo service in pilot city.
  • Q2 2019 (Start digital decentral franchise): Enabling decentral growth through digital franchise in the first country.


  • Lukasz Kowejsza (Co-Founder | Business Development)
  • Shin Kim (Mathematical Development)
  • Franco Leggio (Co-Founder | Technical Manager)
  • Artem Sacharov (Finance)
  • Sarah Claus (Marketing and Communications)
  • Michael Rolnik (Project Manager)

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