ZeCash Coin – Ze next 3.0 Coin

ZeCash Coin – Ze next 3.0 Coin

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On the 31st of March, 2018 a new project made its announcement on the Bitcointalk.org forums: ZeCash Coin – Ze next 3.0 Coin. It focuses on eliminating the downsides of other currencies in the crypto-environment. It implements a technical initiative that has gained immense popularity among other crypto-currency holders.

What is ZeCash?

ZeCash is a cryptocurrency that works in a revolutionary way. It is based on the PoS algorithm and comes with a whole new set of features that makes ZeCash the next generation of Coin. The secret behind the success of ZeCash compared to other cryptocurrencies is that it does not make loud promises. The currency also does not excessively broad global goals.  There has been a high interest in ZeCash and ZeCash coins. It can be used for online businesses, ecommerce payments, retail stores, private payments and more. It works on a decentralized secure environment that speeds up transactions for both supplier and clients.

It has brought into place new protocols for

  • Secure Proof of Stake
  • Controlled Supply
  • Anonymity Features
  • Staking Concept
  • Lightning Network

and more.


  • Proof of Stake

Instead of Proof of Work, ZeCash operates on Proof of Stake. It is more environmentally efficient.

  • Fast Processing

Instant payment processing and rapid issuance is possible due to a Lightning Network system.

  • ZeProtocol

All PoS transactions are processed using a proprietary protocol on high security level. It fixes most of the security breaches found on Proof-of-Stake network. It works on coin age consumption and double-block protection mechanism.

  • ZeWallet

It works with Mobile, Windows or Linux wallet. It is also possible to auto-exchange to other major currencies like ether and Bitcoin from the wallet.

  • ZeAnon

It emphasizes on anonymity using techniques like Ring signature and Transaction Re-mixing. It gives users a degree of anonymity that is not possible with traditional banking transactions. For cryptography, it uses several key tricks that are based on Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

  • Controlled Supply

Controlled supply ensures there is no dilution of ZeCash users in future.

  • Decentralized

Working on a decentralized system, the database is managed jointly by a global network of computers.

  • Staking

It is possible to get money to process ZeCash transactions. It is an incentive to reward people who mint ZeCash through valid transactions. Even mining with ZeCash requires only 2 things – a wallet created and ZeCash coins in the wallet.

ZeCash Mission

Years of research made sure that ZeCash got rid of all the limitations of other cryptocurrencies that prevented full operations of the currency since its existence. They paid special attention to processes inherent and improvement of mechanisms in the cryptocurrency structure.

  • The ZeAnon protocol focuses on Anonymity. The protocol allows transaction re-mixing and ring signature.
  • It offers PoS security with ZeProtocol. The mechanism contains Delegated Shuffleand a Chain trust.
  • It is possible to Mint/Mine the currency. The user can earn fixed interest with low fees.
  • Stay assured that there won’t be any pending transactions as transaction speed is very fast.
  • ZeCashoffers Proof of Stake. It always works fair with Coin Age dependent Selection.

ZeCash on Proof-of-Stake

The implementation of ZeCash is done using Proof-of-Stake type of algorithm. With this, it is possible to achieve distributed harmony with a blockchain network of cryptocurrency.

Usually a Proof-of-Work based currency uses complicated cryptographic puzzles to create new blocks and make transactions valid. The cryptographic puzzles are used to even mine new blocks along with authenticating transactions. Litecoin and Bitcoin are few currencies that use Proof-of-Work system.

ZeCash works on Proof-of-Stake System. Advantages of this system are as follows

  • It relies on the use of energy and is more cost effective compared to Proof-of-Work system.
  • The miners who guide the coins are the ones who own the coins too. It is not like PoW system where the only incentive for miners is maximizing their own profits.

Blockchain Application

The basic requirement of functioning of any cryptocurrency is Blockchain. These are basically a collage of blocks joined together using a cryptographic system. This collage is done to secure the records from outside attacks. It is similar to having a ledger on the Internet.

In blockchain application, each block that forms the block chain is linked using a cryptographic hash pointer. Each block possesses timestamp for each transaction done and transaction data. The blockchain works as an Internet ledger that is managed and monitored in a peer-to-peer mode. The network uses a line of protocols to validate creation of new blocks. So, when data is earmarked to one particular block, it is not possible to alter the data without changing all subsequent block. It has been seen that traditional banking system use centralization. Cryptocurrency on other hand focuses on use of decentralization.

ZeCash offers lightning fast payment system using blockchain. The payment speed for any transaction varies from millisecond to seconds. It enforces security through smart-chain contracts, so you do not have to worry over block confirmation times. There is no need to create individual Blockchain transaction for single payments.

When it comes to different cryptocurrencies in the market, qualitative distinction sets ZeCash apart from others. It has an orientation to practical applications of cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrencies are still striving to become as smooth and scalable as traditional banking. ZeCash provides a win-win situation to both users and investors. It fully meets the challenges faced by cryptocurrency industry and economic situation. It is a comprehensive solution, and addresses crypto-economic problems related to security, insider trading and manipulation, commissions, transaction speed, mining profitability, anonymity and more. It has taken the best of different cryptocurrencies and combined them into a single solution. Their functionality supports all the usual operations that are performed in the crypto-sphere. It is an ideal solution for any person entering the cryptocurrency market for the first time.

ZeCash is capable of performing millions to billions of transaction every second on the network. ZeCash ensures anonymity, security, convenience and the best of cryptocurrency experience. It is at the forefront of cryptocurrency revolution.


  • Q2 2018: ZeCash Token launch, Pre-sale VIP, Public sale, Bounties / Marketing campaign
  • Q3 2018: Listing in token’s exchange, Dev Zeprotocol, Dev ZeAnon, Dev Lightning Network
  • Q4 2018: ZeCash own exchange, Dev Zewallet Windows/Linux, Dev Zewallet mobile, Dev Zecash.io online wallet
  • Q1 2019: Zeprotocol Beta, ZeAnon Beta, Testnet integration, ZeCash Coin first block generation
  • Q2 2019: Staking / Mint start, ZeCash full POS release, Listing in Coin’s exchange, Integration to popular ledgers
  • Q3 2019: ZeCash Visa, Staking on Mobile, Coinpayment integration, Top 20 Coin capitalization

Token Sale Information

 Token Symbol  ZCH
 Total Token Supply  500,000,000
 Token Hard Cap
 Currencies Accepted
 1 / $0,10

Follow this link to join their token sale.

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