The Future of Shopping – Integrated E-Commerce & Supply Chain

Vanig Header The Future of Shopping – Integrated E-Commerce & Supply Chain

Blockchain technology has grown beyond means! It has now reached ecommerce industry and supply chain system. is the first integrated ecommerce and supply chain ecosystem in the world that has been powered by blockchain.  Over the past years, supply chain system has not evolved as fast as ecommerce system. There are several issues facing supply chain system that need to be addressed. These issues are the points focuses on.

Ecommerce industry sees trillion dollars of trade each year. It is quickly taking over the emerging global markets. The sharing economy in ecommerce is expected to cross 300 billion dollars by the end of 2025. is an ecommerce platform that offers a truly rewarding shopping experience to its customers. Their experience is derived from years of exposure and experience.

Insight into is an ecommerce setup that has been powered by blockchain technology. It has been created with an aim to change the way ecommerce works. It is working towards making ecommerce platform a rewarding experience for shoppers. It has changes the way shoppers get product selection, product reviews, and have access to genuine product information. It plans to launch in few South East Asian countries in 2019 and in further 2 South East Asian countries in 2021.

Key Features addresses and solves the common challenges faced by supply chain system and ecommerce platforms. Its features work to remove the inefficiencies in both the platform and create a smooth integration between the two. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to make advertising effective.

  • Provides a higher level of brand experience.
  • Builds an ecosystem of supply chain that leverages the latest in blockchain technology.
  • Uses Hyper Ledger’s Sawtooth technology.
  • Provides a secure E-Commerce platform.
  • Simplifies Supply Chain process, eliminates intermediaries and reduces friction.
  • Brings a new level of transparency with manual processes.
  • Provides provenance information on top products allowing customers to trust theproducts they choose.
  • Gives curated and discounted products, great rewards system.
  • Known to be a user-friendly platform that benefits all members of the ecosystem.
  • Allows payments through cryptocurrency.
  • Makes advertising effective and customized.
  • Certifies sellers and provides a customized shopping experience for the buyers.
  • Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make more effective and efficient advertising strategies.

Vanig Rewards

Another prime feature of is the Vanig rewards. It is a rewards app and website that will payout and reward the buyers of this website using Vanig tokens. The rewards given to the userare higher compared to other leadingreward programs present in the market. With rewards, passes on the entire affiliate commission over to their consumers  .

The primary currency for transactions on this platform is the Vanig Tokens.

As is working towards reducing the inefficiencies and shortcomings of supply chain and ecommerce, it is important to understand the limitations of both.

Inefficiencies of Supply Chain System

  • There is lack of transparency and visibility in supply chain systems. The source and origin data is hidden and usually present in inappropriate and incompatible formats.
  • Intermediation is one of the most unwanted elements of a supply chain system. Practical ways are required to cope up with the complex parts of this system.
  • There is a huge margin due to fees of intermediaries.
  • Another common problem of large, global level supply chain is difficulty of managing inventory in real-time.
  • The tracking and tracing mechanism is not reliable, fast and transparent. This leads to problems in product recalls and affects wholesalers, producers and retailers. Cost is an important issue that affects every person on the supply chain.

Shortcomings of Ecommerce Platform

  • The overall ecommerce environment has become extremely competitive. There is lack of visibility of users’ end-to-end journey in most ecommerce platforms.
  • Replenishing inventory is another challenge as these stores do not stock pile the full inventory on their store. It leads to buying out on fear of missing out and missed cross selling opportunities.
  • As ecommerce stores operate on a global level, shipping and procurement channels become a challenge. They need to ensure timely delivery as well as maintain a competitive pricing structure.
  • They need to accommodate trade agreements, maintain import and export tariffs and more. This leads to a fluctuation in the prices and changes in delivery schedule.
  • Authenticity and reviews are also critical because consumers want a way to know what other consumers recommend. Viral marketing, negative SEO, fake news and other social ecommerce trends have risen. It has become important to give users a way to get authentic and genuine feedback.


Vanig bring s the benefits of distributed ledger technology to supply chain management. It creates a process with the help of blockchain that involves all the steps right from customer order to payment and delivery. They utilize smart contracts and reputable ledger of blockchain to create a unique integration. The system is scalable, robust and permission based.  All the transactions taking place are recorded and linked as blocks in this ecosystem. As the blocks are interconnected, it is possible to have real time tracking and traceable chain of blocks.

The Vanig architecture has three layers –

  1. Presentation layer
  2. Semantic and Application layer
  3. Intelligence Data Layer

Each of the layer has a specific purpose and use for the web, app and mobile users as well as backend system. is the future of ecommerce in the world. It offers several benefits like –

  • Prices – As the system is powered using blockchain, it removes the need of intermediary layers in ecommerce. This makes it cost effective as brokering fees and commissions are cut.
  • Reviews – The system uses AI and Machine learning. This solves the problems faced by fake reviews and news related to products.
  • Process – The system ensures peer-to-peer communication. It reduces the recall process and makes the whole experience faster and sleeker. This reduces an accumulation of cases that need to be addressed and changes the overall ecommerce experience.

Along with these benefits, there are a plethora of other benefits of Vanig such as multi-party contracts, real-time transactions, provenance, demand supply equilibrium and more. This is truly the ecommerce solution of the future.

Token Sale Infos

Token symbol VANIG
Token sale start 23 July 2018
Token sale end 25 September 2018
Total amount of tokens 250,000,000
Total amount to be sold 141,000,000 or 63% of total issuance
Total private sale 2 Million USD
Token Pre-sale 6 Million USD
Token Main sale 12 Million USD
Soft cap  2 Million USD
Hard cap 20 Million USD
Accepted crypto & FIAT currencies ETH, BTC, LTC, USD
Minimum purchase limit 0.1 ETH

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