GigTricks – A Crypto Ecosystem For Freelancers

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GigTricks – A Crypto Ecosystem For Freelancers

Freelancing has grown significantly over the past few years. Despite introduction of several freelancing platforms, there are no principle standards governing the freelance and on-demand economy. Due to lack of these standards, it is difficult to form a trusting business relationship between freelancers and clients. There is an urgent need of a platform that bridges this gap between freelancers and clients thereby bringing transparency to the setup. GigTricks focuses on removing these limitations and create highly conducive ecosystem. It is the first 360 degree freelance and on-demand ecosystem in the world that uses immutable blockchain. They are looking forward to incorporating unique functionalities to create opportunities for talented individuals.

About GigTricks

GigTricks is set to build a block-chain based ecosystem that increases trust, reliability and transparency among the different participants of the platform. One of the first such platforms in the world, it will be trusted by a community of million clients and freelancers. The best part of this system is that nothing can be forged into it. GigTricks is basically a diversified ecosystem that envisions a future without any global recession.  The system leverages on rapid growth of on-demand and freelancer economy. The changing work-habits on a global scale and pace at which the economy is growing shows promise on the brighter future of freelancing.

GigTricks offers a 360 degree solution that aims to establish a sound ecosystem for freelancing and is free from any scam and fraud. It is a complete integrated ecosystem where freelancers can work from home, find gigs, generate income and contribute to the economic growth.

Reasons behind the evolution of freelance and on-demand ecosystem

There has been a spectacular expansion in the number of freelancers and contractors; especially involving workers who want to escape the demands of monotonous job. Statistics reveal that since 2016, there has been a 71 percent increase in workers obtaining online work. Fast growing nature of the gig industry has created new working arrangements that are different from traditional working ones. If this trend continues, freelancers will no longer be just a small fraction of the total workforce. To meet this growth, firms need to develop new processes and tools that allow freelancers to handle life-cycle of their projects efficiently.

Not just big businesses, the trend of freelancers is affecting SMEs too. The main reason behind this influence is ease of finding talent, flexibility and lower cost compared to traditional workforce.

Limitations of Current on-demand and freelancer ecosystem

Growth of freelancing can be owed to the rise of digitization and prolonged use of Smartphone apps. Talented individuals are creating their own bespoke workplaces and taking up independent projects. The GigTricks ecosystem works to maximize transparency, growth, security, scalability and trust. The current ecosystem and traditional platforms ­

  • Lacks functioning on basis of standard principles.
  • Causes freelancers and on-demand professionals fall prey to fraud and scam.
  • Involves payment of high fees.
  • Offers no guarantee on payments.
  • Offers no proof that the reviews, skills and ratings are legit.
  • Makes the freelancer at the mercy of client when payment is due.

It has been seen that buying and selling of reviews is common on traditional freelancing platforms. It results in fraud and deceit due to lack of transparency. Clients face the risk of encountering unethical freelancers and their unprofessional behavior causes delay and holdups. On the other hand, talented freelancers are charged fees for every gig they get. The fees vary from platform to platform, but can be really high in some cases. It has also been seen that freelancers lose around $6000 a year due to lack of payments and they do not have much options for recourse. Pursuing legal action can be expensive.

Core elements of GigTricks

  • Assisting in fighting and solving recession problems by creating new work opportunities.
  • Offering a platform that is professional and is based on ethical values. The platform should not have tolerance for fraud, bribery, mis-commitments and more.
  • Allowing all users to find the right fit for their projects and there should not be any need to set up typical workplace.

GigTricks uses blockchain technology to achieve and incorporate –

  • Authenticated Reviews System
  • Advertising Network
  • Authenticated Content Streams
  • Authenticated Skills Management
  • Decentralized Content Network
  • Search Engine and Content Management

360 degree Integrated Solution

In the system proposed by GigTricks, following points are considered –

  • Creation of a sound environment free from any kind of frauds and scams.
  • Building a trusted community to integrate professionalism and ethics into the unconventional workspace.
  • Incorporating transparency and security in all transactions.

USP of GigTricks Ecosystem

GigTricks ecosystem has the following features that make it innovative and one-of-its-kind –

  • A freelancer needs to pass the skills test to show their skill rating on the GigTricks profile.
  • To maintain a common exchange value, a special crypto utility token GBTC will be made available.
  • A hyperledger fabric database will store all reviewed snapshots.
  • To earn GBTC, users can post and view posts on GigTricks Social.
  • Ecosystem participants can make use of Point of Sale device in the local currency to allow participants to acquire and manage local orders.

With the GigTricks ecosystem, freelance and on-demand professionals get a platform to bridge the gaps of current system.

GigTricks Marketplace

It connects freelancers with entrepreneurs on a global scale. This platform acts as a mechanism to connect professionals worldwide to trade services using GigBit token.

GigTricks Pro

It allows professionals globally to showcase their professional profiles that have been verified by GigTricks blockchain.  Users can also display their skill ratings.

GigTricks Learning

It is the global online center of excellence. Here freelancers and entrepreneurs acquire in-demand skills and enhance their profiles. These enhancements make added accomplishments for the users.

GigTricks Social

It focuses on increasing the level of engagement among the participants of GigTricks Ecosystem. It encourages members of the community to socialize for a purpose. Members can follow other members, message them as well as share information.

GigTricks PoS

It provides sellers an opportunity to increase their revenue in the physical world.

GigTricks is an idea of a company that is a startup. It is equally vulnerable to the risks and problems faced by startups. But, being an innovative, integrated solution, it holds a significant potential for growth.

Key Roadmap Dates

  1. Jun 2016: Idea
  2. Feb 2017: Company Formation
  3. Dec 2017: GigTricks Fiat Marketplace; Website Launch (Operational Version)
  4. Apr – May 2018: Private Sale
  5. July 2018: Pre-Sale
  6. Q4 2018: List GBTC on Exchanges and GigTricks Marketplace Beta Launch (blockchain module)
  7. Sep 2018: Main-Sale
  8. Q1 2019: Gig Tricks Learning & Pro Launch
  9. Q2 2019: Gig Tricks Social & Point of Sale (PoS) Launch
  10. Q3 2019: GigTricks Local Representation Offices in 20+ Countries
  11. Q4 2019: On going Improvements and Enhancements on ICO System

Token Info

Total Supply 1,000,000,000 GBTC
Initial Token Offering 250,000,000 GBTC
Team & Advisors 150,000,000 GBTC
Ecosystem Incentive 200,000,000 GBTC
Marketing & Bounty 50,000,000 GBTC
Liquidity Fund 50,000,000 GBTC
Treasury 300,000,000 GBTC
  • Type: ERC-20 Token.
  • Symbol: GBTC
  • Contributions can be made via ETH, BTC, Bank transfer and credit card.
  • Private Sale: 1 GBTC = 0.06200 USD, Pre-Sale: 1 GBTC = 0.12400 USD
  • Main-Sale: 1 GBTC = 0.24800 USD, ETH rates are as per coinmarketcap
  • No token creation, minting or mining after the end of the Token Sale perioud should our raise target be achieved.
  • Tokens will be transferable once Token Sale is completed.
  • All coins sold in private sale will be subject to a 12 months lockup period and then will be released 1/12 on every month.
  • Private Sale: April 15th, 2018 to May 15th, 2018 [Completed].
  • Pre-Sale: July 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2018.
  • Mainsale: August 1st, 2018 to September 30th, 2018.

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