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Ad blockers are a great tool for internet users since they keep intrusive and distracting ads firmly tucked away. However, for website owners and publishers, these ad blockers are quite a nuisance. Ad blockers deprive the publishers of revenue that are a necessity for most websites. At the same time, many high profile companies utilize videos and other advertisement means to promote their products and services on their website. Deriving the possibility of ads for them means a major chunk of their marketing is essentially wasted.

Companies have long thought about methods of providing ads on their website that are not intrusive to users. A method of viewing ads which caters to the user’s will and keeps them in control of what they watch, as they like to. This long sought ad placement method has now been developed by Vidy. Vidy provides the first ever functional tri-layer text embedded ad layer that proves to be an innovative development in the world of online advertisement. With Vidy’s solutions, publishers can now embed ads in the text of their website, while also getting a record of their ads’ worth.

The Tri-Layer Solution

Vidy’s tri-layer ad solution is the first invisible embedded ad layer that sits on top of the website and remains invisible until the user toggles it. Powered by Ethereum blockchain, Vidy allows publishers to embed video ads in certain snippets of text on their website. The videos begin playing once the certain text with the embedded ad is toggled and held for watching the video.

Moreover, Vidy also provides an in-built ledger which keeps a constant track of the users’ interaction with the ads. It records which ads had the most hits and how long each and every ad on webpage was viewed. Ultimately, Vidy provides both publishers and users for the ad consumption based on the popularity of the ads. The payment method happens to be in the form of Vidycoins, which are paid in fractions to both users and publishers from the amount gathered from payments from advertisers.

Explaining Vidy’s Tri-Layer Technology

The three layers of Vidy’s Tri-Layer Advertisement are:

Application Layer

The application layer is essentially the place where the ads become embedded in a web page. The application layer gives full control to the publishers who can choose an ad and embed it into their web pages with just a few clicks. Finally, ads that are relevant to the content are an option for publishers to explore and implement.

Consensus Layer

The consensus layer is the background for the video ads, where a team of miners run an open source protocol that provides publishers with video ad inventory. The miners ensure that all ads are streamed with appropriate pace and no excessive waits or slowdown is caused. The essentially run and maintain the video library.

Data Layer

The data layer is essentially a track of the data exchange that exists between users and publishers. The data layers track successful placements, the engagements with those ads, and the time spent on each ads. All of the data is stored on Vidy’s ad ledger.

Why Vidy Was Created

Ads, although very important for life on the internet, can be a major nuisance for everyone involved. Ads normally pop up in new windows in a browser and happen to intrude the user’s experience. Moreover, most ads are irrelevant to users and happen to waste their time. Beyond that, typically integrated ads happen to slow down web pages and cause problems for users. There is also the risk of ad fraud with over 16 billion dollars’ worth of ad fraud committed each year, with 66% of that fraud coming from video advertising despite the format forming just 44% of all advertising.

In such an environment, a platform that gave promotion and viewing choice to both publishers and users without affecting the overall experience was necessary. Vidy allows the publishers to decide where to put ads and users to decide whether they want to see those ads or not. It is a system that keeps both ends in mind and rewards both publishers and users for viewing ads. It allows publishers to obtain the rewards they deserve in a currency that leads to no fraud. It’s a wholesome and surefire method of advertising and ad consumption.

Placing Ads

The typical ad placement using Vidy is through an open NLP that gives access to trillions of videos online. The NLP protocol is effectively run and maintained by blockchain miners who are compensated for each and every successful placement using VidyCoin. Vidy indexes each and every video that exists on the NLP platform that checks the statistics for each video based on placements, interaction, and the time spent interacting on each and every video. Using AI-centered deep natural language, the process become lightning quick and easy to handle.

Why You Should Use Vidy

Vidy allows advertisers to make sure that their ads are embedded on websites and not blocked by ad blockers. It ensures that publishers get full control of where the video ads are placed on their website and also gives them full control of the ad content. Finally, it does not intrude the user’s experience and does not make them see ads they do not want to. All of the ads they watch are from their own volition. Hence, Vidy’s ad solution takes care of all three fronts and ensures that the interests of all three parties are protected and they are kept happy.

To make sure that their ads get across, all advertisers should purchase Vidycoin and be a part of the blockchain. Vidycoin has multiple tiers with each level providing different features. Vidycoin is a limited blockchain, so purchase it as quickly as you can and become a part of a network that includes CNN, Coca Cola, and thousands of other major companies looking to advertise videos and get their messages across to users.

Vidy Roadmap

  • Q1 2018
    • Build on 2017 infrastructure
    • Assemble Advisor Team
    • Finish the demo product
  • Q2 2018
    • Conduct the Vidy ICO
    • Beta launch platform
    • Pilot with publishers
  • Q3 2018
    • Expand indexed sites
    • Unveil OTP in production
    • Release Control Dashboards
  • Q4 2018
    • Launch 10 web hooks
    • Grow database of vidys
    • Acquire 100 top advertisers
  • Q1 2019
    • Launch v1 of the platform
    • Index 1 million publisher pages
    • Release full dashboard feature-set
  • Q2 2019
    • Unveil 1 of blockchain
    • Launch Miner-driven protocol
    • Index 10 million publisher pages

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