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Dealjoy – Earn Crypto by Shopping Online

Primarily, Dealjoy is a financial platform that is developed to act as a bridge between merchants and online buyers so as to provide cryptocurrency cashbacks instantly.

It has been a while now since affiliate shopping platforms have been main-stream. However, to this day, payments on these networks are made via traditional methods that charge heavy fees and taxes along with a number of private details. Let us not forget the lengthy bureaucratic procedures that one has to go through at times. Since the affiliate industry gets access to private details of most of their customers, the data often gets leaked out unethically hence raising concerns of people. The long time delay between transactions is yet another huge concern for buyers.

Dealjoy aims to provide a solution to the above-mentioned problems by making use of Ethereum class compatible tokens called DEAL so as to provide cashback payouts. With Dealjoy cashbacks, there is virtually no waiting time. They get paid almost instantly with no minimum threshold amount. Moreover, since it is a block-chain based landscape, there is no need for personal information of the members. Hence, members can feel totally safe and relieved.

As far as the cashbacks industry goes, it is worth more than $84 billion and total. Along with that, it still has a lot of potential for growing into something much bigger.  Currently, more than hundred thousand merchants make use of cashbacks as a viable tool for marketing.

While the cashback industry grows, the prevalence of cryptocurrencies is also constantly on the rise. Currently, there are more than 10 million active crypto wallets including various types such as software wallets and hardware wallets.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is expected to have peaked more than $800 billion. Considering both of these trends, it is quite evident that there would be a high demand of platforms utilized cashbacks based on block-chain to connect retailers with customers.

The Dealjoy platform is accessible via a number of mediums. Apart from the web desktop platform, Dealjoy can also be used on iOS and Android applications via their dedicated applications. Dealjoy offers members a wide catalog which contains the most suitable merchants.

Moreover, buyers can also look for the best deals available that will earn them some DEAL tokens for making purchasing. With enough DEAL tokens to use on-platform, a buyer can proceed to their favorite merchant’s section and shop away!

Dealjoy works by tracking each and every purchase made by the members. On these purchase, commissions will get paid in the form of DEAL tokens almost instantly after the purchase is confirmed by the vendor.

According to the overall market research, it was found that there was an average increase of 240% in the conversions and an average increase of 46% in value of order wherever a cashback program was used. This is because cashback programs increase the amount of time that buyers spend on a website, reduce the chance of bouncing, and increases engagement. This is hence, likely to bring some great results.

Today, a big number of vendors who sell online use an affiliate program so as to increase their visibility and sales. This includes platforms such as eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon. Dealjoy already carries the basic infrastructure of major vendors due to which it would not be difficult to add a support. Moreover, since Dealjoy is a project based on the community-first philosophy, the members on this platform will have the privilege of voting and suggesting the merchants that they are likely to choose for deals and cashbacks.

Apart from the usual referring to merchants, Dealjoy platform has also aimed to introduce category specific deals and products. This will allow a buyer to surf through endless offers and customized deals simply by swiping through. This is based on a whole new Dealjoy Matchmaking Algorithm, also referred to as DMA. The DMA makes use of customer preferences and machine learning so as to create an array of regular deals unique for each customer.

Since the Dealjoy team believes in providing members the freedom of withdrawing their DEAL tokens, and to exchange them for other currencies or to sell them for fiat currency on an exchange, another feature has been introduced. This feature is known as the DealShop.

Using the DealShop, members can buy a number of products, gift vouchers, and services provided by online partner shops. These orders are placed in DEAL tokens exclusively. However, it is not necessary for a member to earn DEAL tokens via the cashback program. Rather, one can simply by DEAL tokens from an exchange and use them to place orders in the DealShop on-platform.

Affiliate commissions on the platform can only get earned for the orders that are successfully placed and delivered. Commissions for missing orders, damaged orders, or returned orders will not be paid. Usually, the typical time period for approval of the commission payout is four weeks from the date of the purchase. This approval is made by the affiliate partners.

However, our algorithm decides the waiting period of commission payout depending on an expected return rate via advanced data analysis. Purchases that carry a big risk of being returned will be subjected to a waiting period so as to prevent fraudulent cashback refunds, while some purchases will process the payout immediately.

Anyone can get registered with the basic Dealjoy membership for free. On top of that, a premium membership referred to as Dealjoy Plus is also offered that has a number of extra benefits. These include fully platform access, an instant cashback for every purchase, better rates for cashbacks, a number of special premium deals only available to Dealjoy Plus members. The instant cashbacks to Dealjoy Plus members are made via a staked collateral that is provided by the user. In case of a refund, the token commission that is paid in excess will be deducted automatically from the collateral balance of the user. This serves as a great way out for providing instant cashbacks to users without allowing malicious refunds.


Q3 2018
  1. Website and Whitepaper live
  2. Community building
  3. Private sale
Q4 2018
  1. Token sale
  2. Platform development
  3. Team extension
Q1 2019
  1. Dealjoy open Beta
  2. Merchant onboarding
  3. Mobile App development
Q2 2019
  1. Global public platform launch
  2. 100+ merchants supported
  3. Mobile Apps Live
Q3 2019
  1. Dealjoy for Business live
  2. 500+ merchants supported
  3. Global Promotion
Q4 2019
  1. DealShop and DealFeed live
  2. 1000+ merchants supported
  3. Positioning among top cashback providers

Token Sale Info

Token symbol DEAL
Max total supply 1,400,000,000 DEAL
Token standard ERC20
Initial rate 1 ETH = 40,000 DEAL
Tokens for sale 980,000,000 DEAL (70%)
Soft Cap $1,700,000.00
Hard Cap $8,400,000.00

DealJoy Token Allocation

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