StealthCrypto – Quantum Mesh Network

StealthCrypto – Quantum Mesh Network

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There are many people who are jumping onto the crypto bandwagon and are making a surprising amount of things from the technology. From this technology has birthed something called StealthCrypto, a decentralized network that any person can get access to.

What Is It?

StealthCrypto in short is a network that establishes connections with individuals and companies all across the globe. In short, this network provides essentially a second marketplace for individuals to sell and buy particular products. What StealthCrypto facilitates specifically is the free exchange of three items: data storage, mines, and bandwidth. Any excess of those items, companies can go to the market and sell these goods for a profit.

What is also important to note is that all of this is leveraged from StealthCrypto’s quantum mesh network technology. In short this creates even more secure transactions. It’s essentially moving data from blockchain nodes and servers but even going as far as creating complex Hilbert spaces with overlay patterns and hyper dimensional models.

At the same time, they all cooperate with one another and with each transaction through this secondary market, the stronger the network becomes.

What About The Network?

Because of this powerful technology, companies have started to embrace this aspect seeing as the technology can change many industries once integrated. Companies already understand blockchain – a decentralized system that records transactions – and some have been figuring out how to implement it.

When it comes to StealthCrypto, they want to be building a system that is fully decentralized, but also one that can sustain itself and provide wireless mesh telecommunications and data storage by using technology from the blockchain.

The goal of this network is to compete with already existing systems and to use this model to provide universal fast internet access. This is all backed by experts and skilled professionals in wireless, data storage, bloc communications, blockchain, and unified communications.

What The Network Ensures

What it ensures is simple:

  • Data be split encrypted and stored through the blockchain in various countries ensuring one computer doesn’t have complete access to files.
  • You can download data from various sources at the same time that increases network speed.
  • You get better performance when accessing data from locations that are in different regions.
  • A decentralized mesh netowkr along with a completely decentralized VPN.
  • Development of the node network as an open peer-to-peer platform that embeds sustainable protocols while continuing to evolve to answer problems should they arise.
  • Empowers users through the privacy controlled products provided.
  • To achieve the goal as the world’s largest decentralized community distributed telecommunications network.


StealthCrypto has a variety of products that it provides for its users. Below is an idea of what they are and what they can do.

StealthCrypto Cloud

In short it’s one of the most secure and encrypted peer-to-peer communication platform. It combines social and business communication which are wrapped into one blockchain, creating a hybrid platform. At it’s core is the technology StealthGrid which provides split encryption along with a dynamic geo-distributed model which has disruptive authentication algorithms.

Pay & Wallet

StealthCrypto is currently developing its cryptocurrency along with its token wallet. The idea behind the product though is to provide a great user experience. The idea is to make is as easy as possible to use the wallet whenever both on the network and through the cloud. Furthermore the wallet promises to have high level confidentiality which is presented in the form of the coin. The coin is actually a unified network currency and can even be used to stealthily transfer the coin between wallets when transferring between the Stealth Grid.


The coin itself is limited to 200 million being available in the market. It’s believed that as we are pushing more for decentralization the technology that is being established now will lead to a reversal of power. People will use the decentralized systems more as they take further control of their own lives.

Smart City – Smart Nation

This is the system that’s behind connection the dots in communication. This system helps in connecting cities and governments and integrating them with StealthGrid’s cyber security solutions along with the StealthCrypto Trust Centre’s cloud platform. By doing this there is a whole new level of connectivity which can be used for smarter decision-making and app development.

Key Exchange

Another project in development, this is meant to be a asymmetric split encryption and authentication scheme. It’ll provide security and simplicity in sharing secret keys with people autonomously. Currently we are using true random number generators (TRNG) to create our secure technologies. Because of this, adding in something fresh to these systems like this is refreshing.

Quantum Key Generation & Authentication

The keys that are generated from the system will be created through quantum, allowing the digital ID to be an autonomous global ID. This removes the set up as well as management challenges that go into giving certificates to individuals.

StealthCrypto Phone

One of their biggest projects that is still in the works is their phone. Smartphones by themselves were never designed from the perspective of security or privacy in mind. For StealthCrypto, it’s an important factor if we are to ensure trust in the blockchain network. This product is being pushed forward as mining, trading and exchanging of the currency are becoming more prominent. As such these transactions are mostly occurring through a users phone which is far more vulnerable to malicious attacks. Not to mention apps that can steal data without your knowledge or asks for things that are unnecessary (i.e. flashlight apps requesting access to contacts)

Because companies are more focused on adding more features, security is lagging behind and has more risk associated to being attacked. Of course there have been answers such as encryptions, however what is out there isn’t enough.

To answer these rising issues and others, this phone is being created as an ultra-secure mobile phone that is an open source blockchain. This provides full access to user privacy.

One thing to note about the phone aside from security is the decentralized app-store you’ll have access to. In many situations a company will have it’s own app store you can access through your smartphone, whichever one you purchase. Buying a phone from StealthCrypto though will allow you access to a decentralized and tested app store. These fully pay developers 100% of their subscription fees directly and provide a variety of support for both the developers and the users.


Q1 2018 Launching unified blockchain peer to peer communication products that include IM, cloud storage and file sharing, email, voice and video conferencing that use Dynamic Split Encryption, Dynamic GeoDistribution, authentication and their proprietary Quantum cyber security technology. Additionally launching their StealthCrypto phone in Q2 2018.
Q2 2018 A StealthCrypto meshed peer-to-peer cloud storage network would implement end-to-end dynamic split encryption and dynamic geo distributed models with disruptive authentication algorithms using quantum number generators of decentralized IBE – key distribution through blockchain.
Q3 2018 Develop and Test Qubit Blockchain for implementation in their Quantum Mesh Network. Make technology acquisitions and submit patents for Qubit Blockchain as well as develop channel partners and agnostic StealthCrypto software and hardware.
Q4 2018 Launch Qubit Blockchain to be used within the Stealth Grid Technologies, StealthCrypto ecosystem and its Quantum Mesh Network.
Q2 2019 Launch Qubit Exchange and develop a Altcoin for the exchange.

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