Author: Johan Möller

FreeZone ICO – The World’s First Free Crypto Economic Zone

Self-proclaimed ‘Crypto heaven for blockchain users,’ FreeZone is the world’s first free Crypto economic zone, and a financial infrastructure compromising five businesses, with a libertarian blockchain community. The foundation has five central enterprises: A payment system, an investment bank, a bank, a universal trading platform and a marketing agency. It invites users to register and

bcharity – The Charity of the Future?

Today we are talking about Bcharity. BCharity is an exclusive and innovative charity exchange, designed to increase the efficiency and accessibility of charity worldwide; aiming to create the most significant, decentralized international charity exchange in the hopes of uniting those who wish to help, and those who want to benefit- globally. The idea of creating

BaapPay – The Revolution of the Payment Platform?

On February 17, 2018 a new project made its announcement on the forums: “BaapPay“. In the following article we’re going to summarize the project. What is BaapPay? BaapPay is a multi layered platform wich features a payment gateway, a point of sale software and their „Baapworld App Store“. Their payment gateway is a interface that allows merchants to

Vivid – Crypto meets augmented reality

Recently I stumbled upon a new project on the forums: “Vivid“. In the following article we’re going to summarize the project. Vivid in a nutshell “Log, and manage your crypto assests, with best in class charts, drawing tools, indicators, and more.” They say about themselves, that they are “disrupting the way people interact, understand,