IMPRESSIO – The future of investing

IMPRESSIO – The future of investing When you make an investment, the prime objective behind that investment is generating returns. One of the most effective methods to invest in cryptocurrency today is Impressio. It uses blockchain technology for investment and is being considered as the method of the future. With cryptocurrency becoming the hottest commodity

ZeCash Coin – Ze next 3.0 Coin

ZeCash Coin – Ze next 3.0 Coin On the 31st of March, 2018 a new project made its announcement on the forums: ZeCash Coin – Ze next 3.0 Coin. It focuses on eliminating the downsides of other currencies in the crypto-environment. It implements a technical initiative that has gained immense popularity among other crypto-currency holders. – An Innovative Data Storage System

On the 16th of February, 2018 a new project made its announcement on the forums: – Decentralized Host Aggregator. In the following article I’m going to summarize this project for you. What is is a self-regulatory, decentralized host aggregator system for storage and transmission of data and direct content distribution. This system

Ufoodo – on demand food delivery

Ufoodo – on demand food delivery Introduction Internet has given rise to several innovations! Most of these innovations are things that seemed impossible decades ago. One of the most important innovations of Internet is the cryptocurrency. A digital currency, cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way people use and maintain currency. Over past years, cryptocurrency market has

FreeZone ICO – The World’s First Free Crypto Economic Zone

Self-proclaimed ‘Crypto heaven for blockchain users,’ FreeZone is the world’s first free Crypto economic zone, and a financial infrastructure compromising five businesses, with a libertarian blockchain community. The foundation has five central enterprises: A payment system, an investment bank, a bank, a universal trading platform and a marketing agency. It invites users to register and

bcharity – The Charity of the Future?

Today we are talking about Bcharity. BCharity is an exclusive and innovative charity exchange, designed to increase the efficiency and accessibility of charity worldwide; aiming to create the most significant, decentralized international charity exchange in the hopes of uniting those who wish to help, and those who want to benefit- globally. The idea of creating

DecentraLend – Decentralize Peer To Peer Lending Platform

DecentraLend – Decentralize Peer To Peer Lending Platform What is DecentraLend? DecentraLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending platform out to aid crypto enthusiasts to lend coins for trading. It is not monitored by any company or financial instiution. It is designed with Blockchain technology and cryptography security to allow peer to lend coins to